Calgary Sports & Clubs

Calgary offers a large variety of sports clubs for all ages with a wide range of general interest clubs for children and adults. Several of these organisations are city wide while others are administered at a local community level. All of the local community sports, excluding general interest clubs may require a community association membership. Check with the individual sports clubs for their registration, membership and general information.  

Calgary Community Yoga

Angelica Shakali Mobile Joga

Calgary, AB

Growing up in a loving and artistic household, Angelica has developed talents in dance, music, vocal training, theatre and film. Her passion for expression, knowledge of the human body, and movement began at a young age. After graduating from a performing arts school in Vancouver, she was introduced to yoga. Angelica soon discovered yoga to be her missing link to a balanced lifestyle. Being a form of artistic expression itself, she found yoga to be her ideal source of well-being. Angelica decided to take her yoga interest further by pursuing teaching.