Community Recycling

Starting in 2010, the City of Calgary initiated a serious commitment to recycling. Calgary’s 80/20 plan is to reduce landfill waste 80% by the year 2020. We can all help the environment and achieve this goal by using our Blue Carts along with the recycling services below.

City of Calgary

Calgary, AB

The City of Calgary offers a range of recycling programs in Calgary including: residential recycling through the Blue Cart and Community Recycling Depots, leaf & pumpkin and Christmas tree drop-off programs, subsidized composters, and household chemical drop off. We’re serious about recycling and have set ambitious goals for the future to reduce waste added to our landfills. The City of Calgary’s long-term goal is to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills to just 20 per cent, and recycling or recovering 80 per cent of waste materials by the year 2020. Today, 80 per cent of waste goes into the landfills and 20 per cent is recycled, but through innovative recycling programs and organics management, we’ll be able to reach our target.

Beverage Container Management Board

100, 8616 51Ave
Edmonton, AB
T6E 6E6

We provide direct local help and support to people in Calgary and surrounding area who are impacted by Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. Primarily, we offer support, education and respite programs for people living with dementia, their family members and caregivers.



Electronic Recycling Association

1301 34th Avenue SE
Calgary, AB
T2G 1V8

ERA has a clear mission of reducing electronic waste through computer recycling, Laptop Recycling and computer donating services. ERA has information that thousands of computers end up getting shredded because companies and individuals assume all companies reuse and recycle. When many say recycling they actually mean melting down. When the ERA says recycling, we mean, reduce, reuse, then recycle With depots throughout Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and BC. If you wonder how this works contact us to find out. Many charities will be greatful. ERA provides a great way to recycle electronic equipment safely and securely.


Green Calgary

#100, 301 14th St NW
Calgary, AB
T2N 2A1

Green Calgary is a dynamic, non-profit urban environmental organization with a mission to empower Calgarians to create healthy homes and communities through environmental education, products and services. Since 1978 Green Calgary has sought to address a range of pressing urban environmental issues including pollution, waste management and resource conservation. As the nature and understanding of these and other issues has evolved over the years, so to has Green Calgary’s focus, programs and approach. In addition to providing information and raising awareness, our organization strives to provide the specific tools and resources that empower individuals and groups to make positive environmental changes.


Kidseat Recyclers

3434 34 Ave NE
Calgary, AB
T1Y 5Y9

We are now accepting all used and expired seats at various drop-off locations, round-up clinics and community clean-ups in and around Calgary. Kidseat Recyclers is the first recycling program of its kind in Alberta focused specifically on keeping the thousands upon thousands of car seats that are thrown away every year out of the landfills. We will ensure that every part of the seat that is recyclable, including metal, plastic and any usable parts, will be properly recycled or reused.