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Structures Built In1950s

Population 2015757

Population 2016722


Area0.5 sq/km

Britannia Elboya Heights Community Association
Britannia Elboya Heights Community Association

Britannia Elboya Heights Community Association

416 Park Ave SW
Calgary, AB
T2S 1Z9

WebsiteFederation Of Calgary Communities

Britannia, developed in the 1950’s, was the first community comprehensively planned by the City of Calgary’s Planning Department after the Second World War. It was designed as Calgary’s first complete “neighbourhood unit” comprised of all of the elements thought at the time to promote orderly growth: a central park and public building (now the B´nai Tikvah Temple), streets in the middle of the community protected from cut-through traffic, roads which follow the contours of the natural landscape, a shopping plaza, a mix of nearly 300 multi-family and single family dwellings and ten percent of land designated for park use. While master planned communities are now common in the City of Calgary, at the time, Britannia was revolutionary and symbolized the confidence, sophistication and affluence which followed the 1947 Leduc oil discovery. Britannia maintains some of the best examples of architecturally designed Mid-century Modern-style homes in the City of Calgary and its streetscapes continue to differentiate it within the city. The character of Britannia has been defined and preserved by the Britannia Caveat (Caveat) registered by the City on most properties in Britannia at the time of subdivision in 1954. Britannia’s sister community, Elboya Heights to the east with over 700 dwellings, was also developed in the 1950s. Britannia shares Elboya’s schools and access to recreational facilities in Stanley Park. Elboya shares Britannia’s commercial area and access to the Britannia Slopes/Sandy Beach natural park. Britannia has no community hall, but under an historic agreement, was free to use Elboya House in Stanley Park. The two communities have collaborated over the years on planning matters, playground construction, social events and Block Watch. Britannia established its own community association in the mid-1960s. In November of 2017, the association merged with Elboya Heights. The Britannia Caveat is now enforced by the Britannia Caveat Sub-Committee under the Planning and Development Committee of the Elboya Heights-Britannia Community Association. We invite you to become a member of our Community Association and visit our website.

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Calgary, AB

Calgary, AB



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