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Keeping School Lunches Appetizing

You want to send your kids off in the morning with a lunchbox of healthy food. Problem is, sometimes when you open their lunchbox after school, half the food is right where you left it, untouched! Now you're not sure whether your children have the right nutrition to carry them through the school day.

Healthy school lunches and snacks give children and youth energy and the nutrition they need for proper growth, development and success in the classroom. Without healthy food, children may feel tired, have difficulty concentrating and may not have the energy they need to learn and play at school.

Lunch For School

Here are some tips to make healthy school lunches to fuel your child throughout their day.

Involve Your Children

Let them help plan and prepare their lunches. Your kids learn how to make a healthy lunch and they will be more likely to eat the foods packed.

Set aside time to make lunches a team effort. Making lunch can be fun and allow time to spend together. This can be a part of your family’s routine; once the kids are home from school or right after supper.

Keeping your kitchen stocked with healthy grab-and-go foods from the four food groups can help you whip up a quick, healthy lunch in no time!

Ways to Make School Lunches Easier

Involving your kids in planning and making school lunches is a great way to help them build their own healthy eating habits. Plus, if they help make it, they'll be more likely to eat it!

Bored With Sandwiches? Switch it Up.

Use the same filling, but change the grain product. You can have more than a week’s variety!

Are sandwiches not an option? Try these instead:

Make vegetables and Fruit Easy To Eat.

Kids are more likely to eat already cut up vegetables and fruit. Prepare enough vegetables and fruit for the week instead of doing this every day. Some kids enjoy dips with their vegetables or fruit.

Children School Lunch

Include At Least Three Of The Food Groups From Canada’s Food Guide.

Aim to include a food choice from least three of the four food groups (Vegetables and Fruit, Grain Products, Milk and Alternatives, Meat and Alternatives) from Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide for a balanced and healthy meal. Keep servings sizes appropriate for your child’s age and appetite.

Learning more about Canada's Food Guide will help you and your family know how much food you need, what types of foods are better for you, and the importance of physical activity in your day.

Health School Checklist Content provided by Alberta Health Services and the Canada Food Guide.