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Calgary Snow Route Parking Bans

Calgary Snow Route Ban

On October 15, 2011 the City of Calgary passed a Snow Route Parking Ban bylaw that places temporarily restricted parking on designated snow routes for up to 72 hours after the declaration of a major snow event. When a Snow Route parking ban is in effect, car owners are expected to remove their vehicles from the affected snow routes to facilitate plowing. If you do not remove your vehicle, the Calgary parking authority will enforce the snow route parking ban by ticketing and or towing your vehicle. The fine can range from $40 to $75 depending on how quickly the fine is paid.

There a are a few exceptions for those with handicap permits and vehicles parked on the street in ParkPlus zones from 06:00-21:00 Monday to Saturday. Motorists will still be able to park on most streets in the city's major shopping districts which include the Downtown core, 17th Avenue SW, Marda Loop and Inglewood.

How To Check For Snow Route Bans

Visit the City of Calgary Active Snow Route Bans to see if your snow route is in effect.
Check to see if Your address is within a potential snow route parking ban.
Subscribe to the City of Calgary Snow Route Parking Ban Alert System.

What Exactly Is A Snow Route Parking Ban

Snow Route Parking Bans come into effect when a snow event has deposited five or more centimeters of snow. The parking ban is to allow snow clearing equipment access to clear and plow the route. Calgarians are expected to move their vehicles immediately after a declared snow event. Snow Route Parking Bans will be in effect for up to 72 hours, or more if the route has not been cleared. If the snow event is continuous, you can expect returning snow removal equipment until the snow event has stopped.

If you do not remove your vehicle out of a designated Snow Route during a declared snow event, you can expect a fine and tow bill. If you live or work on a Snow Route, you're encouraged to find alternate parking in a parkade, garage, nearby surface lot or secondary side streets. The Calgary Parking Authority will also provide free overnight parking in their parkades and surface lots during a declared snow event. You can also park in your back alley if you have one, however the alley way must be 6.1 meters or wider, leaving 3 meters of clearance to allow others to pass by.

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