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Building Your Own Fence In Calgary

Calgary Fences

A fence is a structure which may be used to prevent or restrict passage, to provide visual screening, sound attenuation, yard decor, protection from dust or the elements, or to mark a boundary.

Fences cannot be located on City property, and cannot be located on any City of Calgary utility right-of-way (URW). Your Real Property Report will show the location of the property lines and any utility rights-of-way.

Do I need A Building Permit
  • If the height and location of your proposed fence comply with the rules of the Land Use Bylaw, no permit is required prior to construction.
  • If your fence will exceed the maximum allowable height as specified in the Land Use Bylaw OR if your home is located near a river on land designated as being in the floodway, it will be necessary to obtain a Development Permit before building your fence. To determine if your home is located in the floodway, check the Land Use Bylaw section of The City’s website at (under “Maps”) or call 403-268-5311.
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the work being carried out does not contravene the requirements of restrictive covenants, caveats or any other restrictions registered against the property.
  • For more information on Development Permit requirements, call 403-268-5311.
Call Before You Dig
  • Reduce the risk of personal injury and property damage by contacting Alberta One-Call at 1-800-242-3447 to request to have the location of your utilities marked.
Calgary Fence Heights

What Are The Height Restrictions?

Front Yard
Calgary Fences

A front yard is the area from the side of the front of the house to the front property line and along the front property line (section A on diagrams 1 and 2). The maximum fence height allowed in the front yard is 1.2 m (3’11”).

Back Yard

A back yard is the area from the side of the front of the house to the rear property line and along the rear property line (section B on diagrams 1 and 2). The maximum fence height allowed in the back yard is 2.0 m (6’6”).


The maximum height for a gate is 2.5 m (8’2”), as long as the gate is no more than 2.5 m in length.

Corner Lots
Calgary Fences

Within a Corner Visibility Triangle, the maximum height allowed is 0.75 m (2’6”) along a portion of the side and front property lines (section C on diagrams 1 and 2).

Note: When a fence is located on top of a retaining wall, the height of the fence is measured from the point where the retaining wall is no longer retaining soil.

What Are The Location Restrictions?

Fences cannot be located on City property or on any City Utility Rights-of-Way. A Real Property Report, prepared by an Alberta Land Surveyor, will show the location of City property lines and Utility Rights- of-Way.

I Share a Fence With My Neighbour. Who’s Responsible For It?

Fences on residential property are the responsibility of the property owner. If the fence is located within your property boundaries, you are responsible. Any cost for construction and or maintenance of the fence is a private issue between neighbours.

Calgary Fence Locations

For more information and any changes to the Fence code contact the City of Calgary at 403-268-5311 or online at the City of Calgary Building Permits Web Site.

City of Calgary Fences Brochure in PDF

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