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Calgary Walking Routes

Distance Maps

Calgary Walking Routes

Walking Safety Tips

Below are tips and helpful reminders for pedestrians to make your walks both fun and safe. Keep these tips in mind when walking in your neighborhood, to the store, or just across the parking lot.

Rules of Walking

Calgary Walking Routes

Knowing the law can help you stay safe as a pedestrian. Be aware. Cross with care. Make eye contact with drivers turning right before you step into a crosswalk. Make sure they see you, they plan on stopping and have time to stop. Also, don’t assume that because the car in the lane closest to you has stopped that other cars will stop too. Pedestrians do have the right of way at marked and unmarked crosswalks but be careful, some drivers might not know that rule or always follow it. Being right won’t keep you from being hit. Face the traffic: If the walking route does not have a bike path or sidewalk and you are forced to walk on the road, always walk in the direction facing oncoming traffic.

Tips To Keep In Mind:

Seasonal Walking Safety Tips

It is important to remember that much like driving conditions can change seasonably or due to the weather, the same goes for walking. Keep these safety tips in mind for different seasons and weather conditions.

Winter Walking:

Spring Walking:

Summer Walking:

Fall Walking:

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